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Deposit Anytime, Anywhere with CheckSnap! It’s convenient and as simple as taking a picture. Images are securely stored at the Bank not on the device.

Deposit Limit

$2,500 Per Business Day

Deposit Cut-Off Time

4:00pm PT, Monday – Friday
excluding holidays

Approved Devices

Apple ® & Android Smartphones or Tablets

What do I do With the Check?

  1. Properly endorse the back of the check.
  2. Make your deposit within the RiverBank Mobile App.
  3. Write “electronically deposited xx/xx/xx” on the front of the check.
  4. Retain the check for 7-14 days, and then securely destroy.

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  • Checksnap FAQs

    What is CheckSnap?

    CheckSnap is a feature in RiverBank’s Mobile App that gives you the ability to deposit checks into your RiverBank checking, savings or money market account using your Apple and Android Smartphone or Tablet device.

    How do I enroll for CheckSnap?

    First login to Online Banking on either a desktop or through the RiverBank Mobile App on your mobile device. Under Transactions select ‘CheckSnap Enrollment’ and follow the instructions. If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking click here to get started today.

    How do I make a deposit?

    • Launch the RiverBank Mobile app
    • Under Transactions, select ‘CheckSnap Deposit’
    • Select deposit account and enter amount
    • Endorse the back of the check properly
    • Select ‘Capture Image’
    • Take a picture of the front & back of the check
    • Select ‘Submit Deposit’
    • Confirm your deposit was received and approved
      • arrow bulletApproved deposits appear in the ‘Approved’ column within the CheckSnap Deposit History
    • Write “electronically deposited on xx/xx/xx” on the front of the check
    • Safeguard your check for 7 to 14 calendar days, then securely destroy

    What kinds of checks can I deposit with CheckSnap?

    CheckSnap can accept most domestic checks, including personal, business and payroll checks.

    We are unable to accept counter checks, checks in excess of the daily limit, third-party checks, money orders, travelers checks, US Treasury checks, Savings Bonds, foreign check, checks in a foreign currency, or substitute checks (Image Replacement Documents), through CheckSnap. These items can be deposited in our branch, by mail, or through the Mobile Branch.

    How do I know my deposit was received?

    Successfully submitted deposits will show under CheckSnap Deposit History in the ‘Submitted’ column with a description of “Your deposit has been submitted and is pending review”.

    How do I know if my deposit was approved?

    Approved deposits will show under CheckSnap Deposit History in the ‘Approved’ column with a description “Your deposit has been approved and is being processed”.

    If an item is rejected, the transaction will remain in the ‘Submitted’ column with a status of “Rejected” and a description of the rejection reason.

    Why would a deposit be rejected?

    There could be a number of reasons why a deposit is rejected, including:

    • Deposit exceeds your current CheckSnap daily deposit limit
    • Check type is ineligible for deposit through CheckSnap
    • Check was previously deposited (duplicate item)
    • Missing endorsement
    • Poor image quality

    Depending on the reason for the rejection, CheckSnap may notify you of the error with a pop up message prior to submission. If a deposit is rejected after submission for any reason, the transaction will remain in the ‘Submitted’ column in your CheckSnap Deposit history with a status of “Rejected” and a description of the rejection reason.

    When will my CheckSnap deposit be available?

    Generally, CheckSnap deposits received before 4:00pm PT on a business day will be available by the next business day. Deposits received after 4:00pm PT or on weekends or holidays, will be processed the next business day.

    In some cases, we may delay availability of funds deposited using CheckSnap. When funds become available, you will see the deposit reflected in your available balance. See the full CheckSnap Terms & Conditions for additional details on funds availability.

    What if I accidentally submit the same deposit twice?

    If CheckSnap detects a potential duplicate item, it will typically identify it and decline the second deposit with an error message. If you receive this error, and you think that it is not a duplicate deposit, you will have to deposit the check in our branch, by mail, or through the Mobile Branch. Although CheckSnap may be able to detect duplicate deposits, you are responsible for any duplicate deposits you create. Please see the CheckSnap Terms & Conditions for full details.

    To help prevent accidental resubmission of a check deposited through CheckSnap, be sure to write “electronically deposited xx/xx/xx” on the front of any check successfully accepted by CheckSnap.

    The check I deposited was returned or rejected. Can I re-deposit it through CheckSnap?

    No. Previously deposited checks, whether they were returned or rejected, may not be redeposited through CheckSnap. Returned or rejected items may be deposited in our branch, by mail, or through the Mobile Branch.

    Who can use CheckSnap?

    CheckSnap is available for any RiverBank customer who:

    • Is enrolled in RiverBank Online Banking
    • Has access within Online Banking to make deposits to a RiverBank checking, savings or money market account
    • Has an Apple® or Android Smartphone or Tablet

    Your smartphone or tablet must have an appropriate data plan and/or be connected to a Wi-Fi network with the ability to transmit data over the Internet. Any data or message fees charged by your wireless carrier are your responsibility.